Main Projects
Boston University RISE Internship
June 2023 - Present
As part of Boston University's RISE Internship program, I conducted computational microscopy research under Professor Lei Tian and Ph. D student Qianwan Yang. At the end of the program, I presented my research at the 2023 RISE Research Symposium.
Univeristy of Iowa SSTP
June 2022 - August 2022
As part of University of Iowa's SSTP, I conducted research on the impact of COVID-19 on social mobility under Professor Caglar Koylu and Dr. Hoeyun Kwon at University of Iowa's Geo-Social Lab and presented my research at the 2022 SSTP Research Symposium.
Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (ASDRP)
August 2021 - Present
I conduct research on quantum machine learning for drug discovery under Dr. Larry McMahan. My team and I designed a quantum machine learning algorithm to generate novel molecules based on existing small organic molecules.
Brain Tumor Classification
July 2021 - August 2021
As a Python Research Program student, I conducted research on brain tumors and trained a convolutional neural network to perform classification on brain MRIs with the four categories being healthy brains, brains with pituitary tumors, brains with meningiomas, and brains with gliomas.
Reinvent Tomorrow
May 2021 - September 2021
A social organization dedicated to narrowing the gender gap in business and to educating young girls the fundamentals of business.
Other cool things!
TKO FRC Robotics 1351
August 2020 - Present
As Head of Design, I am responsible for designing and CAD-ing our team's robot in Solidworks and for training mechanical rookies with all the necessary knowledge.
AMHS Computer Science Club
August 2020 - Present
As Co-Vice President, I help conduct a variety of fun workshops each week, oversee the club logistics, and create promotional videos to recruit new club members.
AMHS Business Club
August 2020 - Present
As Vice President, I prepare lessons on various business topics and assist members in brainstorming ideas, writing business plans, and rehearsing business pitches for entrepreneurship competitions.
AMHS Chinese Culture Club
August 2020 - Present
As President, I plan events such as Paper Cutting and Calligraphy and Chinese New Year feast throughout the year to spread appreciation towards the beauty of Chinese culture.
Apple Pi Learning
August 2022 - Present
I've been developing the curriculum for and teaching the Introduction to Python and Game Design class!
August 2020 - Present
I've tutored K-12 students in several subjects and taught group classes in programming and business. As Assistant Coordinator and Tutor, I pairing tutors and students together and reach out to students interested in joining the program.