adelina chau.

researcher. mentor. matcha-lover.

who am i?

curious, technical high school student and active researcher in quantum computing and deep learning interested in pursuing the applications of quantum computing to chemistry, finance, and cybersecurity.

research experience.

check out my research publications here!

Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (ASDRP)


I conduct research on quantum machine learning for drug discovery under Dr. Larry McMahan. My team and I designed a quantum machine learning algorithm to generate novel molecules based on existing small organic molecules. Thus far, I have published one paper to the Journal of Emerging Investigators (JEI) with an additional paper accepted pending presentation changes and presented at the West Coast Biological Science Undergraduate Research Conference and IEEE International Quantum Week 2023.

Boston University Research in Science and Engineering (RISE)

As part of Boston University's RISE Internship program, I conducted computational microscopy research under Professor Lei Tian and Ph. D student Qianwan Yang. At the end of the program, I presented my research at the 2023 RISE Research Symposium and MIT Undergraduate Research Technical Conference.


University of Iowa: Secondary Student Training Program (SSTP)

As part of University of Iowa's SSTP, I conducted research on the impact of COVID-19 on social mobility under Professor Caglar Koylu and Dr. Hoeyun Kwon at University of Iowa's Geo-Social Lab and presented my research at the 2022 SSTP Research Symposium.

my hobbies.

I am a matcha-lover.


I drink a matcha latte every morning: iced in the summer, warm in the winter. Not only does the mild dose of caffeine wake me up, but the daily ritual also helps me feel grounded as I plan out my day. I also incorporate matcha into baking whether it be crispy matcha cookies or matcha mochi cake.

I make handmade gifts.

I enjoy making handmade gifts for my friends and family to show my gratitude! Whenever a friend’s birthday approaches, I head to my craft supplies shelf to find the perfect cardstock paper, gel pens, and paper star strips. Over the years, I’ve made jars filled with 365 rolled-up handwritten notes, handmade photo boards, and countless hexagonal exploding boxes filled with pictures, memories, and quotes.


I am a dancer.


I’ve been dancing professional ballet for over 12 years, and I’ve made some of my closest friends through this art form. More recently, I’ve been exploring K-Pop dance! I often find myself escaping the stress of high school by blasting my favorite k-pop songs and learning new dances each week.

more endeavors.

Mitty Computer Science Club

CS Club

As President, I plan and lead a team of 10 officers to conduct a variety of interactive, beginner-friendly workshops each week, while overseeing the club logistics, managing finances, and creating promotional videos specifically targeted at females/non-binary individuals to recruit new club members.

TKO FRC Robotics 1351

As Head of Business, I write grant and award applications to garner funds for our team, while managing the team's finances and coordinating meal planning with parent volunteers. Previously, as Head of Design, I was responsible for designing and CAD-ing our team's robot in Solidworks and for training mechanical rookies with all the necessary knowledge.




In March 2023, I organized an all-girls hackathon in partnership with Girl Scouts of Greater New York for 37 girls with the goal of promoting coding and hacking to girls from marginalized backgrounds. I was responsible for hosting the Introduction to Web Development Workshop and planning the logisitcs of the event.


In August 2023, I organized an all-girls hackathon in San Francisco at Sentry for 52 girls with the goal of promoting coding and hacking to girls from marginalized backgrounds. I was responsible for hosting the Introduction to Web Development Workshop and outreach to local STEM-promoting organizations like Girl Scouts, Space Cookies, and Boys and Girls Club of America.


Mitty Business Club

As Vice President, I prepare lessons on various business topics and assist members in brainstorming ideas, writing business plans, and rehearsing business pitches for entrepreneurship competitions.

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